Bollywood actress model Urvashi Rautela becomes the first Indian woman to attend Arab Fashion Week

Bollywood actor and model Urvashi Rautela recently became the first Indian woman to become a leading artist during Arab Fashion Week. It was a matter of great pride.

The 26-year-old model shared an enticing look at the mega event on Instagram in which the star appeared in a silver ensemble. In the video, Urvashi is seen adorned in heavy jewelry and extravagant makeup while wearing larger than the earrings of life. The former Miss Universe looks gorgeous with diamond jewelry and a gold shade.

The video shared by Rautela features a montage of black-and-white photos and a glimpse of the actor dressed for the driveway. As the video begins, it shows her major accomplishments. Look……

It reads: “The youngest, most beautiful woman in the universe. The only actor to win the most beauty titles in all of history: Miss Universe India twice, the first Bollywood actor to open Arab Fashion Week, the first Bollywood actor on the cover of the leading home-based luxury travel and fashion magazine in Dubai, Urvashi Rautela. ‘The shots played with the star accompanied by the music of a violin.

The ‘Hate Story 4’ star posts a preview of Fashion Week and posts the clip of glamorous cover photos in XPEDITION Magazine. They dedicated the cover to the festival of lights – Diwali. And for his special edition – Urvashi Rautela – also became the first cover star of Bollywood.

The report reads: “The light is coming to take back everything that stole the darkness.”

“Here’s a preview of our very first front page star of Bollywood @urvashirautela and as we celebrate the festival of lights, including Diwali, for her most glamorous cover with XPEDITION Magazine,” they added.

“Diwali symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. This issue is dedicated to the world that experienced a global pandemic at the beginning of the year, racial discrimination, economic collapse and social injustice. It is about time to unite, dust off, stand up and illuminate the world with our golden lights, ”reads the report.

Source: Gulf News

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