EAD announces winner of Abu Dhabi Flamingo Visitor, Mega Dunes Ecolodges architecture competitions

The competitions included the design of two major projects; Abu Dhabi Flamingo Visitor Centre in Al …

Abu Dhabi, August 4, 2020 — The Abu Dhabi Environment Agency ( EAD), in cooperation with the organizers of the architecture competition, has announced the winners of two main competitions that were launched at the end of last year. The competitions included the design of two major projects; Abu Dhabi Flamingo Visitor Centre in Al Wathba Wetlands Reserve and Mega Dunes Ecolodge in oryx Arab Protected Area. The three biggest winners of the Abu Dhabi Flamingo Visitor Centre include Petr Janda, Anna Podrouékova and Kate-Ina-T-Ponowa from the Czech Republic with the Project To See and Not Be Seen. In second place were Wenqi Huang and Yi Yan from the United States with their project Incubator. Laurent Herbiet and Giordana Rojas from Mexico with a project called The Dune took third place. The three best winners of the Mega Dunes Ecolodge competition were Giuseppe Ricupero, Egidio Cutillo, Stefania Schira and Enrico Capanni from Italy in first place with a project called Heritage Machine. In second place were Natalia Wrzask and Rolando Rodriguez-Leal from Mexico with the project The Rub’ Al Khali OCULUS. In third place were Ahmad Nouraldeen, Luca Fraccalvieri, Jana Semaan and Lama Barhoumi from Lebanon with their project – Desert Lens. The winners were selected on the premise that their designs for remote areas with limited access to the road are cost-effective, environmentally sound and energy-efficient. Commenting on the competitions, Ahmed Al Hashemi, Acting Executive Director of the Terrestrial and Marine Biodiversity Sector, said: “Participation in these two architectural competitions was exceptional. We received 237 design contributions for the Flamingo Visitor Centre and 117 designs for the Mega Dunes Ecolodges. Due to the many high-profile project proposals, it was a challenge for the jury to select the final winners. The winning designs were all environmentally friendly and met eEAS’s sustainability needs, “EEAS will work with the participants who have the winning designs to complete the project designs and prepare them for future leadership work.” Al Wathba, founded in 1998, is a nature reserve made up of natural and man-made waters that are 40. km southeast of the centre of Abu Dhabi. The wetlands with a total area of 5 square kilometers consist of wetlands, sabkhas (salt plains), fossilized sands and dunes and are densely populated with flora and fauna. The most spectacular of these is the flamingo population, which in its thousands bite to enjoy the warmth during the winter months, with some remaining throughout the year. The Arab Oryx Protected Area is home to the largest population of Arab Oryx in the world.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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