The horror film ‘Come Play’ links technology and loneliness

Director Jacob Chase recounted how contemporary issues of loneliness and technology play important roles in his horror film ‘Come Play’.

Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Partners and Reliance Entertainment’s ‘Come Play’ revolve around a lonely boy named Oliver whose friendship with Larry, a mysterious creature on his phone, turns his dreams into nightmares.

Chase, who turned his short film “Larry” into a feature film, said: “Technology plays a big role in this film because it’s all around us.”

The challenge was how to record and update what works in horror movies.

“It’s not about someone hacking you or strange coding. It’s actually the new delivery device, with the tablet and phone as the new version of the haunted house,” he said.

Chase’s inspiration for the film comes from his love of intricate antagonists.

“I had this idea for Larry, a monster who is lonely and all he really wants is a friend, but who works in very narrow ways,” he said.

“The aspect of it is very closely related to Larry, because he’s a monster that comes from loneliness, and technology can be incredible, but the way we use it can also lead to loneliness,” Chase said.

“It made sense to me that Larry was a manifestation of our modern technology,” he added.

‘Come Play’ is now available in the UAE cinemas.

Source: Gulf News

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