The UAE National Olympic Committee calls on sporting bodies to submit future plans

Dubai: The Technical Committee of the UAE National Olympic Committee (UAE NOC) has urged the national sports federations to submit their plans for the next four years, which will enable the country to determine steps and phases to meet future sporting objectives. set.

The virtual meeting of the Technical Committee chaired by Mohammad Al Mahmoud, Second Vice-President of the UAE NOC, highlighted the importance of drawing up specific plans and strategies by sports federations adapted to the nature of each sport around the to improve athletes’ performance. “The idea is to gradually help our athletes improve because of specific targets they have set at all times,” Al Mahmoud said.

‘The president of the UAE, Shaikh Ahmad Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, wants the federations and associations in the UAE to draw up ambitious plans with a view to the future. The ultimate goal is to honor the UAE through various sports around the world, ”he added.

The meeting also recommended federations to adopt ideas for the development of beach sports in all competitions, while taking advantage of the geographical nature of the UAE blessed with long beaches. “This is one area where we can excel on the international scene,” Al Mahmoud remarked.

“And at the same time, beach sports can be a major attraction for international tourists in the country,” he stressed.

Thursday’s meeting also called for a focus on the first edition of the 2022 Junior Golf Games hosted by the UAE. The Games, which were to be held earlier this year, had to be continued after 2022 due to the prevailing COVID -19 pandemic.

‘These games should be seen as a great opportunity for the federations to select the best talents and start developing technical programs to care for promising athletes who will be able to represent the United Arab Emirates in future events, including the Youth Olympics in Dakar , Senegal in 2026, ”Al Mahmoud emphasizes.

The meeting was also attended by Abdul Mohsin Fahad Al Dossary, Vice-Chair of the Committee, along with members Nada Askar, Talal Al Hashemi and Ali Omar Al Baloushi and Ahmad Al Tayeb, Chair of the Technical and Sports Division at the UAE NOC.

Source: Gulf News

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