Trump joins virtual G20 summit: US official

Riyadh: US President Donald Trump will participate in the virtual group of 20 summit hosted by Saudi Arabia on Saturday, a senior US official said.

Trump’s participation in the two-day meeting of the richest countries in the world comes on the heels of his attendance at Friday’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit via video link.

No summit was held in person due to the coronavirus pandemic.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will call on other G20 leaders to act more ambitiously to defeat the coronavirus pandemic and to address climate change during a virtual summit in Saudi Arabia.

In remarks before the meeting, Johnson called on leaders from the other countries, made up of the G20 group of major economies, to live up to their promise to ‘do everything necessary to overcome the pandemic and lives and to protect livelihoods’.

He will also use Sunday’s session to call on the leaders who still have to make net zero commitments to make the same promise, just less than a month before Britain is presented with the climate ambition summit on 12 December.

“The G20 pledged in March to ‘do everything necessary to overcome the pandemic and protect lives and livelihoods’. As we meet this weekend, we must take responsibility for the promise,” he said before he addressed the summit.

“If we use the collective ingenuity and resources of the G20, we can point out a way out of the pandemic and a better

Source: Gulf News

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