Watch: Lindsay Lohan poses for photo shoots with UAE makeup artist Hindash

Lindsay Lohan sat down for a photo shoot with Jordanian makeup artist Hindash, who is based in the United Arab Emirates. The footage from the Hollywood actress’ session was shared behind the scenes on Instagram on Tuesday.

Actresses ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘Freaky Friday’, based in Dubai, shared an image of the photo shoot on her Instagram page in which she is wearing a furry blue robe and sticking out her lips while holding a puppy.

Hindash puts the image back with the caption: ‘So … it happened by accident! Photos coming soon! ”

While the details of the photo shoot are unclear, Lohan appears in several outfits, including the aforementioned blue jacket with exaggerated shoulders, complemented by custom maroon leather on her legs, and a more finished ensemble consisting of a dotted bare top, with feathery white details. , and a wide-legged black pants.

Hindash, also known as Mohammed Hindash, a popular make-up artist and YouTuber based in the UAE, is known for his make-up process videos which he posts on his Instagram account of 1 million followers. He is best known for his eyeliner techniques and in 2018 worked with the makeup brand Wojooh on his own eyeliner.

Lohan, who made her feature film debut in the 1998 Disney movie ‘Parent Trap’, recently took part in a virtual ‘Mean Girls’ reunion, with Tina Fey, Rachel McAdams and more. Earlier this year, the actress conducted an interview where she said she has been living in Dubai for six years.

Source: Gulf News

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